Why Getting a Degree from a Top Online University is Worth It?


image courtesy: bit.ly/174pHUw

image courtesy: bit.ly/174pHUw

Have you ever thought about getting an online degree for yourself? If you have, then you might be going the right way. Getting a degree via web is a great way to boost one’s skills and credentials at his/her own feasibility. An interested learner will get ample of options to choose from and if someone can get the online degree from a reputed university, it can do wonders to their career graph!

image courtesy: bit.ly/1dtlhYj

image courtesy: bit.ly/1dtlhYj

Nikita D’Souza, one of my friends from India, is an ambitious girl and for her, getting a degree from a UK university was the ultimate dream. We became friends five years back via an online social networking site and within a few months of regular chatting over the chat forums and telephone, we became quite good friends. As I am already in the education industry in UK, she used to ask me a lot about our education system and was also very keen on applying for a master’s degree from one of the topmost colleges in UK.

image Courtesy: bit.ly/1aryXlZ

image Courtesy: bit.ly/1aryXlZ

But only a few of us can actually live our dreams the way we want and Nikita wasn’t one of them for sure! Her financial condition wasn’t that sound and hence, moving abroad, that too in the UK, and taking a full-time master’s degree, along with lodging, wasn’t possible for her. So, while we were on phone one fine day, I told her about online learning and her life changed!

Me: Hi Nikita! How have you been? I was a bit busy lately so couldn’t catch up with you much! How are things at your end?

Nikita: Hi Regina! I am doing well. And my Bachelor’s results are out! I have done pretty well and now want to move forward with my studies and apply for a Master’s programme.

Me: That’s great Nik! I knew you would do well. So, where will you apply for your Master’s?

Nikita: I don’t know Regina but I want to be in UK. As I have told you already, it’s my dream to get a degree from UK. But as you know my financial constraints, I can never fulfil my dream!


image courtesy: bit.ly/1bGmuKw

image courtesy: bit.ly/1bGmuKw

Me: Hmmm. I know what you are talking about! But hey! Why don’t you try looking out for an online degree from UK? Here, most of the reputed Universities are now offering their courses through the online mode and a number of international learners are applying to the same!

Nikita: I know about online learning but I am not really sure of its worth you know! Do you think it will be as good as a regular one?

Me: If it wouldn’t have been good, I would have never advised you to go for this one! I am also in the education industry and I have already seen a lot of my friends, relatives and even students gaining so much from an online course! These courses are cheaper than the regular ones and are also the most updated with materials!

Nikita: Really Regina? Do you think I am eligible to apply for a MBA degree from UK?


image courtesy: bit.ly/1aG7nOH

image courtesy: bit.ly/1aG7nOH

Regina: Of course you are Nikita! Getting online university degree from a reputed UK university isn’t tough at all. Just research about the best one and apply for it! I am sure you will not have to dime a dozen and hence, you will get the degree at a much lesser price.

Nikita: Oh wow Regina! Thank you so much. I will look for it and will let you know as soon as I am done applying in one of the online MBA courses from UK. I am so very excited!

Me: Sure dear! All the best!

image courtesy: bit.ly/1d1Ih0P

image courtesy: bit.ly/1d1Ih0P

She soon informed me that she applied for an online MBA from a well-known UK university and today, she is working in one of the topmost management firms in India as a Business Head! She thanks me almost every single day that I advised her to take the course online. For me, an online degree from a reputed university isn’t only worth it but it actually polishes the skills of the learners and makes them do wonders in their work-front! So, are you ready to take up a course online?

Age is not a bar to Learning; Acquiring Degrees is not a bar with Online Learning

Henry Ford had once coined, “anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” The words echo truth finding relevance with everyday life. After all, life should be treated as small chapters in a book, and while you flip through the pages you garner knowledge. Just like there is no particular age for learning, so life has no constraints when throwing you into a pool of experiences.

Life, a Lifelong Learning Experience


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It is a serious warning if you find your work monotonous. You will not feel like continuing with working anymore. This turns into the most frustrating situation that anyone would want to avoid. Being able to find interest and tenacity with jobs mean feeling engaged with your workplace. It would be a lovely experience to stay dedicated to your job and feel absolute love for it. Hence, one who loves his job the more experience he collects.

Love your Profession and you will Love the Learning Process

Remember, there is no age and time limit to learning. If you are completely in love with your profession, you will gradually fall in love with the learning process. While obtaining theoretical knowledge from degrees might have shelf life, but there is no stopping to practical learning experience. For instance, a person related to food industry finds it the most dynamic job, with plenty of learning options open lifelong. Otherwise, if a person is engaged with the IT industry, there is no stopping to one’s learning process.


Image Courtesy: bit.ly/19WtnLp

However, it would be wrong to say that lifelong learning is gaining practical experience since it can also include obtaining degrees while you collect experience on-field. This means gaining theoretical knowledge that would help you implement skills and expertise on-field, during the course of working tenure to boost a career with excellence.

So, for those who would prefer to seek further learning while still experiencing on-field experience can pursue online learning mode.

Online Learning adds to Lifelong learning

While practical experience adds to lifelong learning, there is no age bar to theoretical learning experience in this age of advanced technology. Online offers flexibility of learning and offers ample opportunities to save time and energy as much as you can. Besides, you can access desirable courses from any place and time you want. While you are engaged with your profession at full-throttle, you enrol with a distance learning institution to enhance your academic credence. Thus, it is about gaining degrees to boost your career.


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Here are some reasons why we suggest you enrol with distance providers

    • You enjoy flexible learning methods while you learn
    • You gain accredited qualification from any globally recognised university
    • The biggest advantage of enrolling with online providers is that you will be acknowledged by your employers for your effort to boost your career. It means you get the inspiration to keep on learning adding feather to your cap
    • Enrolling with a globally recognised institution means adding potential to future career
    • You get scope to interact with other students on the online radar thus extend your scope of enjoying study experience with other students
    • Thus, you secure a highly enriching life full of learning experience

All online providers offer virtual learning experience but only the best in business offer 60% in tuition fees compared to others. In this case, we would suggest enrolling with a distance provider tied up with UK Universities, which are best recognised across the globe, would be right. They offer degrees in both undergraduate and post graduate categories.

Andrew Bell in his post “Education is No More a Lost Dream for the 60s and Above” dated March 20, 2013 shows how online courses are attracting the older lot thereby helping them to recharge their qualification and enabling them to keep pace with the younger generation.

Hence, we can conclude that life is about an ongoing learning process. So, while you learn you are updating your knowledge and also career constantly. After all, life is incomplete without knowledge and indisputably online learning plays a vital contribution to it.

Become a Leader of Principles with Intrinsic Leadership Skills

Too often, people tend to go haywire on becoming a leader. The job of a leader involves too many responsibilities and breaking any of those might fail you. On becoming a leader, responsibility is all about taking care and growing others. Nothing you do or work as an individual does matter anymore, since you are expected to support and nurture your team and help them accelerate their confidence.

As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had once coined,

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

He was right in every word and these very words describe actual traits of a leader flawlessly.

What describes the success of a leader?

The success of a leader is not described through deeds of the individual but from the reflected glory of his team. You will be constantly asking, “How can I help my people do their jobs better?” or “How can I stand out?” Remember, becoming a leader is not child’s play. Here, have a look at the following skills that you should posses.

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/13Ke8CJ

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/13Ke8CJ

  • Strategic thinking: Do not constrain yourself in just today’s task. Think big. Encourage innovation by underpinning people who are ready to take smart risks.
  • Emotional intelligence: Keep this in mind that a leader should be contagious. Emotional intelligence is utmost important so build self management, self awareness, relationship management and social awareness.
  • Collaboration: Overcome all four barriers, such as, discomfort, dominance, distance and dissonance. Only then, you are able to bring upon perfect collaboration within your team.
  • Critical thinking: An important attribute indeed, but it is part of their job. Leaders strive to be independent thinkers and have their own freedom of colouring their decisions.
  • Communication: This is the most significant attribute, which a leader should posses. Bosses who cannot communicate effectively and wield the power of interpersonal communication skills fail to maintain a robust team. Hence, communication is inevitable part of leadership quality.
  • Motivation and coaching: A leader is always expected to motivate his team in positive direction. The intrinsic values of a motivator should incorporate traits like autonomy, competence and determination of fulfilling objectives.

 If you cannot be a good coach you cannot be a proficient leader. At the end of day, you need to train your employees to excel better than what they already are.

  • Feedback: Feedback is important in your job. Unless, you properly interact and find your team responsive towards what you deliver you cannot judge well. Upgrade your qualities and utilise leadership skills as an opportunity for effective and customised feedback.

From being an ordinary manager you become a proficient leader by accepting these skills. Experience helps a great deal in enhancing your agility as leader.

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A leader is not born in a day      

Image Source: bit.ly/13kzbEK

Image Source: bit.ly/13kzbEK

Just like Rome was not built in a day, a leader is not born in a day. It takes years of perseverance, effort and experience to build leadership attributes. On-field experience is the key to becoming a successful leader, but somewhere there remains a gap, which cannot be filled by practical experience solely. Theoretical experience brings a good support to leadership skills and helps you become accomplished.

So, if you dream of becoming a leader someday, pursuing a course in it proves beneficial. Enrol for a diploma course in strategic management and leadership, but make sure you pursue it online. While you gain experience, you pick the nuances of trade through the course. At the end of your study you have extensive practical experience.

How the course can help?

Image Credit: bit.ly/1dzvyRf

Image Credit: bit.ly/1dzvyRf

  • Leadership is defined best through managerial traits. So, the best manager is called a successful leader.
  • You develop techniques, skills, attitudes and personal qualities.
  • After all, the course ensures successful performance without loopholes.

Make sure you enrol your name with a reputable distance provider having accreditation of a reputable university. In this regard, the UK university deserves special mention and is known for offering world recognised qualification.

Stride with confidence and be ready to accept all arguments at face value. Become a torchbearer and not just an ordinary head of the herd with no particular objective.

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An International Qualification is a One-way Ticket to a Golden Career

Will it not be great to relocate abroad for a new job? After all, who does not want to grow in career and have more opportunities knocking at the door? Everyone does. Well, to grab a highly priced job, you first need a qualification, which is globally recognised. With education becoming global and mobile, studying abroad is now the latest trend. Getting chance to study amidst new people, culture and environment is an enriching experience. The purpose is not solely focused on earning an international qualification but also gaining experience.

So, thinking of earning an international qualification? Factors to be kept in mind.

When you utter the words ‘international qualification’ the first idea that pops in the mind is alluring globally recognised certificates for higher education. Students and even professionals flow from various parts of the world to different countries like the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, etc to make dreams come true. They aspire to scale heights in career with a qualification that would remain as an asset for the rest of life.

Let’s have a look at the various reasons for earning international qualifications.

  • Valuable and Quality education- The degrees or diplomas offered by International universities or bodies are assessed by special organisation of the same country for quality assessment.
  • Worldwide recognition- Be it UK or US or Canada or New Zealand or Australia, getting chances to study abroad is like being engulfed in the finest education system. This is a crucial reason why students from nook and corner of the world flock to these countries to find a suitable international platform for studying.
  • International Tradition- The best part is, whether UK University or US University or others have always maintained international standards of accepting students belonging from different origin and from a completely different nation.
  • An array of programmes- The list includes diplomas or degrees for both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Thus, students who do not have money or resource to fly to foreign lands can also access courses through online. Today, the most recognised universities offer International degrees through online making it accessible for all.

Today, International Qualification has reached a certain status of fabulous significance making your career worth the effort you put in for earning one. Being aware of these benefits, you are boosted with confidence and spirit to stride ahead of your counterparts. What are the benefits derived?

Creative Scopes: Earning International Qualification means getting imbibed with creative scopes. These are special Internationally recognised programmes, which offer profound creative skills for an excellent career development. After fetching a qualification from any accredited university, you can improve your work quality by applying those skills.

Enhanced Income: Today, the trend for corporate houses and multinational companies is to hire individuals having qualifications of International recognition. Individuals who are ready on toe to travel abroad and meet target oriented results qualify for fat salaries. No wonder, an International Qualification gives you global recognition with augmented salary.

Communication improved: Those contemplating to earn International Qualification either travel to that particular destination and attend on-campus training or seek courses through online. In either case, candidates should have lucid communication with educators to proceed with their respective mission. The process instils a sense of continual habit making it easier for students to learn foreign language better and also earn International Qualification.

So, how is an International Qualification perceived from career viewpoint?

Undeniably, it has implied value and social recognition from a career perspective. It is being observed that many multinational companies associated with International academic bodies offer courses to employees for rendering them opportunity to augment career option with higher education. Nonetheless, employees might have to sign a contract stating a certain period they have to stay with the company after availing the particular International Qualification course through assistance of its company. Indeed, the qualification is beneficial to employees as well as companies employing their enhanced skills and expertise.

IQ Vs IQEXThus, a qualification recognised outside the purview of state is popularly labelled as ‘International Qualification’.  But confusion sets in when students think that there is connection between International Qualification (IQ) and International Qualification Examination (IQEX).  Both have different essence and meaning with no connection between the two. While sitting for examinations for globally recognised courses is referred to as examination conducted by global universities, IQEX has a totally different concept altogether.

So, what is IQEX?

This examination is attended particularly by non U.S. qualified accountants who are seeking Certified Public Accountants (CPA) designation in the U.S. The examination is conducted by American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and also administered by National Association of State Boards of Accountancy.

While an International Qualification can be earned by any from varied fields, IQEX is mostly meant for students in accountancy trying to find their feet in the international domain.

Thus, now that you are aware of what is an International Qualification, go for it to have the most coveted career you had once dreamt.

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How the Edexcel HND in Business Management can help you?

EDEXCELEdexcel is the UK’s largest awarding body of vocational and academic qualifications to a range of students. Being part of the Pearson legacy, which is the world’s leading learning company, Edexcel has a reputable educational heritage. Today, it operates in more than 112 countries and about four million people study their internationally recognised qualifications with them.

The main focus is on the extensive portfolio of academic and vocational qualifications offered by this prestigious UK Company. The knowledge and skills gained by students from the varied Edexcel programmes help them enhance their careers and long-term earning potential. Here is an insight into the range of programmes offered:

The Edexcel Portfolio

With more than 500,000 students accessing its programmes every year, Edexcel is well-known for offering multiple vocational and academic qualifications such as International GCSE (Edexcel Certificate for UK State schools) and GCSE, GCE (A level). The BTEC qualifications offered by Edexcel are accepted by a range of UK Universities and are widely recognised in more than 80 countries across the world. The vocational qualifications offered incorporate NVQ and BTEC from the very entry level to Higher National Diplomas or HNDs.

Why students choose HNDs?

The Higher National Diploma deserves special mention because it is ideal for those who wish to pursue a course in Business Management at an undergraduate level to advance in their professions. Students can pursue it as a stand-alone programme and, upon completion, they can put their learning straight into their working lives. However, the biggest advantage comes with the fact that on completion of the course one may have direct entry to one-year top-up honours degree.

How the HND course in Business Management can change lives?

The HND in Business Management, offered by Edexcel is an internationally recognised professional qualification that covers comprehensive skills and knowledge to assist individuals get employed in managerial positions, such as in human resource or in any management discipline. The best part of the course is that, upon completion, it may allow students direct entry to:

  • Edexcel BTEC level 7 Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership. One can complete one year of study post an HND.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Management. This will again require one year of study after HND.

The Edexcel HND in Business Management is widely recognised by all UK Universities for direct entry to their degree programmes. Thus, it is seen as a great means to achieve a degree qualification, as well as bring huge recognition for students in the job market.

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UK – The Dream Destination for Obtaining International Qualifications

When it comes to earning international qualifications, don’t we initially tend to connect our mind to the UK universities? Well, it’s no surprise that the United Kingdom has always been the dream destination where millions of undergraduates and international students enroll on a yearly basis. What’s best about pursuing higher education under a UK university is that the qualification you earn in any subject here is globally recognized. Moreover, the education system in the United Kingdom has been known for its academic excellence that is determined by government aided bodies.

So, what reasons are driving individuals for international qualifications from UK?

UK holds a record of alluring international students for higher education from over 180 nations every year. So, there must be valid reasons why individuals crave to visit the United Kingdom for ensuring bright career prospects. Here are some of them:

  • Global recognitionThere is no doubt that UK has a refined education system since it has been recognised worldwide by not only government aided agencies but other universities as well as employers of world class companies. This has been a crucial factor why international students consider UK a popular platform today for career development.
  • Quality educationThe educational standards in the UK colleges and universities are accessed by Quality Assurance Agency (QAA). On the other hand, the RAE or Research Assessment Exercise determines standards for the findings that are published every 5 years.
  • Worldwide traditionAs mentioned earlier, United Kingdom has welcomed students from almost every nook and corner of the world. Today, over 300,000 international students are studying in the UK universities out of which the majority are undergraduates and postgraduates. The UK universities have maintained an international tradition of considering also non-UK students and providing them quality support services and even social networking facilities on campus.
  • Wide range of programs – The institutions providing higher education in the United Kingdom usually offers a wide range of career programmes that can perfectly cater to meet one’s career goals. Students and even working professionals enrol in online courses at varied levels comprising bachelors, masters, HNDs, doctoral etc.
  • Improving English language It has been found that plenty of students have got opportunities to enhance their knowledge in English language while studying in the United Kingdom. In fact, professionals willing to enter the international world of business prefer to settle in the UK to acquire complete mastery over English that stands as one of their vital criteria.

In fact, if you have been making plans to earn international qualifications from UK, you can look for accredited UK universities offering online courses on various subjects. This will certainly be a cost-effective solution towards bettering your career.

Top Reasons why People Today are going for International Qualifications

Will you not love to grab the opportunity of studying abroad? Well, who wants to miss the experience of studying in a new country amidst new cultures and adopt quality strategies for career growth? What’s probably best about studying abroad is that you get to study with people with different mindsets as well as professional backgrounds. Well, these reasons have probably led to the growing importance of earning international qualifications in the last few years.

Business perspective

Business organizations and multinational companies have grown in good numbers at several corners of the world in the recent years. This is a big reason why the majority of students today aims to earn international qualifications from world class universities that later help them qualify for prestigious job opportunities abroad. In fact, those who aim to enter the field of business usually look forward to enroll in universities in the United Kingdom that is known as one of the central hubs for eminent businessmen.

Creative opportunities

One of the greatest benefits of opting for international qualifications is that you will have creative opportunities to explore. Most of the internationally recognized programs comprise modules designed to enhance the creative skills of individuals for career development. So, after earning an international qualification from an accredited university, you can make use of these skills to improve your work.

Augmented income

Throughout the year, multinational companies and corporate houses keep hiring individuals having qualifications earned from universities having global recognition. Based on their academic brilliance, they set pay packages which are usually hefty. Individuals with higher qualifications who prefer traveling from one country to another for handling target oriented jobs also qualify for handsome salaries.

Communications enriched

Those who pursue courses for earning international qualifications either choose to travel abroad and thereafter enroll in full-time campuses, or take their courses online right from their homes. In both the cases, the candidates are required to clearly communicate with their respective educators that help both of them proceed in their respective missions. In this way, a student gradually improves his/her ability to communicate that consequently makes it easier for him/her to earn an international qualification.

Apart from all these benefits, international programs are cost effective and come with shorter durations. This helps students and working professionals to complete their programs within a shorter time period so that they can qualify for jobs as soon as possible.